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  I woke up one day. Im thankful to our dear God because this day come though this day is a hell for me. Well, not literally.
   Im just a poor fan girl who wants to see my Idol. Don’t get me wrong. He’s just third on my priorities. First is God,and second is myself.
     I strived hard just to earn money just to earn money. But it seems that all my effort is not enough to make it up for it. So, For the nth time, Im just a typhical fan girl that will just spent her days on being positive to take all of these heartbreak. Crying nights,indeed. In the end, my money can only afford the last row of the seats,So it is not bad after all.
       But what if, My minds says ‘no’ ? But what if my heart says ‘no’? But what if I plan a scheme? Would it be possible to touch you?? Would it be possible to say all my heart wants to show you?? geez!
       I dont know. But I dont want this chance to slips away from my hands. Im hoping that when our first encounter happens, will be my last day as your fan girl. Just this once,Lord I said to myself while passing the main entrance of the concert venue. My scheme is a lil bit scary I know! But I dont care..
      “Jeon Jungkook!” My voice is trembling while handling a megaphone. My bestfriend Angelica gave me this for a purpose. “You don’t have any idea what is your effect in me .. But still, I adores you so much. You don’t know me at all, but the hell I care! I like you! Please.Notice.Me!!”.
      Fangirls are shouting. As if they are cheering on me because they feel what I feel right now. Im shouting not just for myself but for them too. We’re a Co-armys right? So,One Voice,One Fandom!
       “Please.. Let our names enters your mind and let our faces touches your heart..” And that,made all the fangirls stop on what they’re currently doing. .. Did I say something wrong??

       A minutes passed, I saw Jungkook,together all the member of BTS came in front. For a moment, I was speechless. Standing here a few meters away from him, it was daebbak. Seeing them meters away from me, It makes my eyes shine. All Army can feel it,I assured myself.

      “listen,Armys.” He started. “We admit that you’re just a 3% part of fandom.. But I will give you assurance. We can’t memorize your faces one by one but we always think that if its not because of you, There’s no Bangtan..”
      I was stunned but the others scream. “We can’t memorize your names individually, but we always address you as our girlfriend ARMYs.”  Jungkook steps forward and stand straightly. “Please dont leave the fandom just because of the fact that we dont know you..”

LESSON: Being a fangirl doesnt mean you’re going to be that close to your Idols. It means that they will be your inspiration,created by God to make you happy and to make you a good person in the future 🙂


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